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Ashton Eaton


Ashton grew up in a small, mostly dirt-filled town in Oregon named La Pine. Later he moved to a slightly bigger town named Bend. It was in these places that he learned about hard work and how to use his imagination. He also discovered he loved movement.

When Ashton was four he wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He thought it was so cool how they did kicks and flips while helping people. 

He truly thought he could become one.

So he joined martial arts and eventually got his black belt. And that’s sort of how he’s done things his whole life. He gets obsessed with something and then pursues it indefinitely or until he gets to "the end.” 

One day Ashton saw the Olympics on television. He immediately wanted to be an Olympian. He was amazed at how fast the athletes were and how far they jumped. 

He truly thought he could become one. 

So he joined the track team. Eventually he broke the world record and won the Olympics…twice.

Currently he’s been watching world-changers. He thinks it’s so cool how some of them try to bring used rockets back to earth, harness the energy of the sun, and send humans to Mars. 

He truly thinks he can become one…