Day One

By Ashton


Keeping a training log is a great way to keep track of your progress and reference what you’ve done before.


I hate it. 

I tried writing by hand, then I tried using the computer. It was a chore either way. After all the time I put in I never referenced past workouts and decided my progress was better tracked by if I was winning or losing competitions. Today I'm still keeping a training log but only because coach Marra likes getting the updates and part of me anticipates a day when old, debilitated, nostalgic Ashton will want to relive the glory days and look back on what I used to do. Thankfully a by-product of doing something you don’t like is that you find the most efficient way to do it.

That’s how I found: Day One App.

**Note: This app costs money (and it's only for iPhone, iPad and Mac). I’m not sponsored by Day One. I’m simply sharing a way to do something that made a chore, awesome.


Main Features


Main Page:

Along with access to settings, this page shows the different ways you can view your “entries.”



The tags you’ve created along with how many entries have that tag.  Useful for seeing how many you’ve done of a certain type of thing or narrowing your view to a single event.



I find this view the most useful. Blue are days with entries, white are the days without, and pink is today.  Black is the day you’ve selected and below are the entries for that selected day.


A chronological view of your entries.  You see a small preview in addition to information like location, temperature, tag, and time of entry.



Shows entries with photos.



I star sessions that are significant in either a positive or negative way.


Geeky details



Adding Location:

Where you were when you did something could be relevant for many reasons. The app makes it so simple to add anyway. The weather is also included which might someday explain why you were slower or faster on similar workouts.


Exporting to PDF/Email:

The single most used feature besides creating an entry. This is what I email to coach.


Say you’re looking for workouts where you specifically ran 250 meters. When on the timeline or calendar, swipe down from the top.  Type "250" into the search field and you’ll be shown all entries that have "250" written somewhere. Handy.



Internet magic makes sure all of your entries are always updated on all your devices.


Automatic Backups:

More Internet magic takes all your entries, puts them in a folder, then puts that folder in Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive. Unless you turn it off, your training log will live forever in the cloud. (The NSA will probably know if you've been slacking on your tempo run)


The Mac App:

On the app for the Mac, everything is the same as the iPhone except there's "Map view." It's a cool way to see what you’ve done and where.

An example of a PDF page:

The Eatons

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