Rest Is Training Too


9 months. 6 days a week.

This is how much we train. Sometimes twice a day.

3 months.

This is how much time we take off.

We’ve been involved in the world of sports since we were kids. Our lifetime of exposure has led us to the educated guess that this amount of off-time isn’t common. 

          “but you cross-train right?”

Cross-train? Ice cream and popcorn bro.

It boils down to basic mental fatigue. We’re hard on ourselves. Most days on the track we are failing. We fail to achieve our standards of improvement. We fail to apply the technique correctly. We fail to throw as far as we want, etc. To top it off we take out frustration on ourselves in our running workouts (why we're strong runners). But we're challenge feeders. All that keeps us coming back the next day.  We’re also hard on ourselves off the track. It’s not like it’s easy to follow our nutrition philosophy all the time. We give it a damn good go, but there are constant mental battles.




It’s simply unrealistic to think we can sustain that amount of struggle, desire, and discipline consistently. Many people forget that rest is training too. So during the off season we let it go. Friends, family, adventure and good food take precedence.

After the 2012 London Olympics we toured around Europe for 3 weeks. A highlight was our canyoning trip in the Swiss Alps.

This year we have all kinds of things planned. We’ve already taken a trip to Japan (you can see that here) we’re going to visit family, we’ll “turn up” at a friends wedding, and go to Africa to lend a helping hand.

Do we feel like hell when we start training again? The two lap warm up is a bloody Ultra. But, we’re ready for the challenge again.

The Eatons

Eaton is brand and movement inspired and created by Olympic athletes Ashton Eaton & Brianne Theisen-Eaton. We live by one simple message: Endeavor. Always.