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China Concerns

Bri: “What kind of meat are we going to eat?”
Ash: “How are we gonna replace Google search?”

Packing is an ordeal for us no matter where we’re going, but this month long trip to Asia for the World Championships is one of the biggest yet. Here’s what we’re taking with us:


Our combined total of shoes that we travel with is 16. That’s including non-training and competition shoes. Don’t forget to factor in training equipment: Pole vault poles, tape, bands and straps…



For this trip, we need training, competition, and vacation clothes as we’re going to Japan for a week after the World Championships. Tip: Always roll your clothes up in your suitcase. You can fit more that way.



We always bring food with us when we travel, but we normally don’t go this crazy. However in China, we’re not sure what will be available to us and although we enjoy trying food from different cultures, when we’re going somewhere to compete we like to stick to what we’re used to.

It’s important we keep up our protein consumption during competition, so bringing easy protein sources like salmon, tuna, canned chicken, beef jerky, nuts and seeds, and almond butter are perfect options. Oatmeals and cereals make breakfasts easy, and we never go anywhere without gum or electrolytes.


Miscellaneous Items

This includes important stuff that we never travel without. Laundry bag and tide packets are a must when you’re gone for a month. We end up washing a lot of clothes in the sink. Portable phone chargers and adapters to charge our electronics in different countries. Headphones and earplugs to drown out noise. A hard drive with tons of movies because we sit around the hotel with nothing to do for most of the day. GoPro so we can bring you guys awesome, behind-the-scene footage. Ibuprofen. After two days of competing, we’re hurting. And obviously our passports. Brianne has forgotten hers before.


Although it may look like we're organized, we’re really not. Rarely do we leave for a trip with our bags packed and by the door the night before. Somehow, no matter how much in advance we know about a trip, we're always up really late the night before, packing, cleaning, and doing last minute errands.