Behind the Scenes: Preparation for Beijing

The original intention was to take you behind the scenes at the Beijing 2015 World Championships. Major championship competitions are filled with interesting little stories, struggles, and funny events that the general public don't get to see. Not only that, the combined-event competitions themselves are a mini-saga of defeats and triumphs.

Sadly, we captured none of it. And we're more upset than you may be about that, believe us. There were things out of our control, but the fact is we missed the mark. 

Out of our control

One of the struggles was getting access to each other during competition. Security is appropriately strict at these events, especially the closer you get to the stadium. The only way to get to "super secure" zones is to have the correct credential card. Simply, we didn't always have them.

Our fault

Brianne was the favorite to win and she started struggling with the pressure of that. Even by the second event, the infancy of the competition, she started to mentally struggle with her performance. This struggle magnified with each unsuccessful event. A chance at gold was slipping away and it was her fault. And she knew that. While it's hard to explain how that feels, it's more difficult to explain what it takes to get through that experience. The bottom line is that there are only two of us, and each is the main support for the other. Simply, helping Brianne through her struggle became more important than capturing the moment. We realize this would have been the perfect thing to show you, but I couldn't bring myself to put a camera in her face, especially since achieving these things is currently the entirety of our life. 

We had missed capturing such significant moments that we decided to forgo the project for the rest of the competition and just enjoy.


With our apologies, please enjoy a behind the scenes look a what it's a few weeks prior to world championships


The Eatons

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