Offseason: BC Hiking Trip

This offseason has been different for us. We're exploring new things. We're doing what we want to do without fear of repercussions to the following season. We're finding new hobbies that we love to do together.

A couple friends of ours are big into hiking, trekking, camping, and climbing, and they've been trying to get us into it for years. Our standard answer has always been "Can't. Track." But not anymore. In September they took us on an EPIC week long camping/backpacking trip where we didn't shower for a week, ate crap food, and visited 4 National Parks. Now we're hooked.

Here's a look at our first trek together (without any experienced people). It was awesome, but we were definitely a little ambitious, doing 48km in less than 30 hours, with weight on our backs. There was a small amount of fog, an average amount of complaining, and A LOT of epic views. 

The Eatons

Eaton is brand and movement inspired and created by Olympic athletes Ashton Eaton & Brianne Theisen-Eaton. We live by one simple message: Endeavor. Always.