Workout: 600m & 800m Trials

Neither of us like the 800m or 1500m. Well we shouldn't say that. We don't like the BEGINNING of them. We don't know a heptathlete or decathlete that does. Maybe this is because we never fully feel prepared for them. A middle distance runner has the cardio. They do long runs or 20 minute runs. We don't do any of that. We're sprinters, both in fitness and in mindset.

Nevertheless, the 800m and 1500m are part of our events and we can't just pretend they're not. So somehow we have to get prepared for them. 

A 600m race-pace trial for Brianne and an 800m race-pace trial for Ashton (for the indoor hep) are always something that we've looked to, to see where our middle distance fitness is. Not only that, it helps us remember the feeling of being uncomfortably tired while still having more distance to run. We typically do this as we're heading into outdoor season, or in this case, right before the Indoor World Championships.

P.S. We run race pace for the first 400 (Brianne) and 600 (Ashton) then try and go harder the last 200m just to make a workout of it and also get a sense of how difficult it was.

P.P.S. Brianne almost ALWAYS runs the first 400m (or the first rep of any workout) too fast

P.P.P.S. Ashton needs a pacer because he's a sissy.

The Eatons

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