We take athletics really seriously. We work extremely hard. Sometimes this leads to great results, but other times it can lead to negative ones. We get stressed out if something isn't going well, then frustration sets in, then anger, then defeat. At this point we start questioning if what we're doing is worth it, then the "maybe I should just give up" phrase enters our minds.

At this point, it's important for us to step back and remind ourselves that this is suppose to be fun, life is supposed to be fun, we do this because we love it. When we're in Santa Barbara for a training camp, beach volleyball is one of our favorite mental getaways. It allows us to forget about our worries for an afternoon, to laugh, smile, and enjoy time with friends. We always come back to practice the next day happier, better athletes.

Recovery is just as important as training.

The Eatons

Eaton is brand and movement inspired and created by Olympic athletes Ashton Eaton & Brianne Theisen-Eaton. We live by one simple message: Endeavor. Always.