Day in the Life: Europe Training Camp

We think our day-to-day lives are pretty boring but people always seem to ask us about what a typical day looks like for us. So here is a day in the life at our training camp in Lucerne, Switzerland. 


Coffee. It's the first thing that enters our minds when we wake up. We enjoy everything about it; making it, the smell of it, the taste of it...It's the simple things in life.

Before we eat breakfast, we usually spend about an hour or two just doing our own thing; answering emails, catching up on news, reading our favorite blogs, or watching last night's episode of The Kardashians or The Bachelor.


On this day, Brianne had 2 scrambled eggs, toast with grass-fed butter, and grapes. Ashton had basically the same thing except he fried his eggs and had a banana instead of grapes. We also always try to drink a big glass of water at breakfast because we find that the morning is the time when we'll forget to drink water (as we're usually drinking coffee). 


Practice. We came to train in Lucerne specifically to work with javelin coach Terry McHugh. Bri has struggled with the javelin for years, so this was really beneficial for her. We spent three sessions working with him and we both left with a more simplified, better understanding of how to use our bodies to throw.

Since this day was one of our harder, longer training days, we went to long jump next. When we long jump, we start with short approach impulse jumps into the pit just to work on our timing running off the board. Sometimes after this we'll add in landings. For the long approaches, we just work on rhythm on the runway and speeding up through the board. It's very rare that we'd take a full jump in practice. 

We then went to our running workout, which for Ash was 50m block starts, and for Bri was 4 x flying 70m sprints with a few block starts as warm up.

The view from the track is incredible, and although it was sort of rainy the entire time we were in Lucerne, this day the clouds finally cleared a bit so that we could see Mt. Pilatus overlooking the stadium.


Post practice is pretty standard for us. We usually eat and get some treatment if we need it. The Olympic year is always stressful for everyone, so something that we've been trying to do is make an effort to do one fun thing everyday. This prevents us from sitting in the house, thinking or stressing about track, gets our minds off things, and allows us to be normal people for half a day. 

"Something fun" when we're at home means going to the mall for Bri, or out to a movie if you're Ash. But since we're in another country and the possibilities seemed so much more awesome, we decided to go up to the top of Mt. Pilatus.


We headed out to find the gondola. Ash was driving, Bri navigating, so naturally there was a decent amount of arguing... But once we finally got to the base, it was all smiles. The ride up to the top is about 1 hour and requires taking 3 different gondolas to get to the summit. It's incredibly crazy to be that high up, traveling through the clouds to the peak of a mountain. It was incredibly foggy once we got up there, but at times the clouds would break and expose the sheer size and number of mountains in the distance. 

This is literally right at the top of the mountain. You can see it drops off on either side of us, and we were gripping that cable pretty hard.

After spending about 3 hours up there, grabbing an early dinner and a subpar hot chocolate (we thought it was going to be homemade from real Swiss chocolate), we decided to make our way back down to earth. 

View from midway up the mountain

View from midway up the mountain

We got back to our apartment around 7pm, both went right to our computers (like always) to do whatever people do on their computers constantly. Ash had a bowl of yogurt and muesli in bed, and Bri read a book before falling asleep with it still open around 10:30pm. 

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