Meet Miya: Violin, traveling & sharing a love of music

Miya is featured in the What's Your Gold Video (below). Read on to learn more about her story. 


What’s your gold? Why is this your gold? What does it mean to you?

My gold is practicing for opportunities and experiences that I don't yet know are coming my way. My gold is to be the best possible musician I can be. My gold is sharing my love of music with the world. 


What is one struggle you encountered along the way?

Throughout the last few years, I've struggled with tendinitis in my arms. After transferring to the University of Oregon for my sophomore year, I began working with my current violin professor Fritz Gearhart who completely changed me life. He reconstructed a lot of my bad technical habits, and worked both patiently and avidly with me to set both short and long term goals. He not only taught me how to be a better musician but a better teacher.


What is one breakthrough you encountered along the way?

It was through my travels and performances that I discovered my love for teaching music. Through sharing my talent and love for the violin with others, I found myself grow as a musician more than I ever knew possible. 


What is something you learned or that you will take away from the process?

I have been playing the violin since the age of three. It's been my anchor, my guide, and my best friend throughout the years. Having traveled to perform across the country, I've encountered numerous individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Music always seems to bring me closer to other people regardless of circumstance.