Road to Rio: Part 2


Training camps are a normal and fairly critical part of preparation for any major championship. By leaving home you are forced to get "uncomfortable" because you are operating in different surroundings. What this does is make you more aware and focused. It's similar to how college students tend to go to the library to study rather than stay in their apartment where they can be easily distracted by things at home.

However, something we did different this year was rent an AirBnB rather than stay at a hotel. We did just say getting uncomfortable was good, so why the AirBnB?


By now you know how seriously we take nutrition (not to mention deliciousness). Being able to shop for and cook our own food was the sole objective in staying outside a hotel where your options vary only if the menu does. And as you see in the video, it was well worth it.


The Eatons

Eaton is brand and movement inspired and created by Olympic athletes Ashton Eaton & Brianne Theisen-Eaton. We live by one simple message: Endeavor. Always.