Brianne was an ultra-competitive young girl growing up in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her parents—not knowing what to do with her—enrolled Brianne in every sport they could think of. She thrived on the adrenaline of competition and being the best at everything she did. Winning was important to her and she didn’t see the point of doing something if she wasn’t trying to be the best. In grade 7 Brianne competed in her first track meet. She was hooked and eventually got an athletic scholarship to the University of Oregon where her passion for track and field and the goals that she set for herself grew even more. In 2012 she made the Canadian Olympic team, which was a big achievement, but she quickly realized that placing 11th just wasn’t cutting it for her. She wanted to be the best in the world.

Now everything revolves around her athletic career. Brianne has developed a passion for cooking and food organization to ensure that she and Ashton are fueling their bodies correctly. She goes to bed early and gets up early; morning is when she’s most efficient. Brianne has learned how to focus better during practice sessions and to listen to her body to avoid over-training injuries. That, combined with an increased exposure to international competitions, has helped her win two World Championship silver medals and has ranked her among the top heptathletes in the world.

But her ultimate goal? To win an Olympic gold medal. That is what the young, ultra competitive girl from Humboldt, Saskatchewan has in mind when she thinks of “the best.”