Harry Marra - Coach

“Wow that’s good vino, holy mackerel.”

Harry became the Eaton's coach in 2009. His energy, focus, and extreme attention to detail have made Brianne and Ashton the best heptathlete and decathlete their countries have ever produced. With nearly 50 years of experience in sports, he has done everything from creating kids clubs to developing speed and fitness programs for the San Francisco Giants. He is devoted to his wife and kids and enjoys a nice day in the garden under the California sun. Ashton and Brianne once thought he died when he slept in until 9:30am.

Don Butzner - Massage/Physio

“That just melted.”

Don joined the Eaton team in the fall of 2014. Within minutes of their first session he had pinpointed and addressed Ashton and Brianne's problem areas as if he had worked on them their entire careers. He has more than 15 years of experience and has worked with some of the worlds best track and field athletes. He is crazy observant, absorbs feedback, and is constantly improving. He has a gift of being able to translate Ashton and Brianne's haphazard explanations of how they feel into something understandable. He takes his coffee day-old and room temperature.


Paul Doyle - Manager

“Did I ever tell you the story about the time I almost died?”

A friend of Paul’s asked for help getting into a track meet; Doyle Management Group was born. A natural entrepreneur, Paul took DMG from its humble beginnings to a company that now manages some of the best athletes in the world. With a knack for blending business and fun, Paul has helped make our track and field career’s some of the best times of our lives. He bought a dump truck “because it was awesome” and every significant event in his life is somehow connected to Bruce Springsteen.


Dr. Penny Werthner - Performance Psychologist

Brianne calls Penny ‘the solver of all my problems.’ Penny responds, “They are not problems…they’re simply mental blocks!” An Olympian herself, she has spent more than 30 years in sport and psychology. Having done everything from consult multiple Olympic teams to publish peer-reviewed papers, she is the most influential name in Canadian sports psychology. She’s taught Brianne that feeling scared, embarrassed, and frustrated is normal, and that accepting and letting those emotions out can help. So if you see Brianne throwing a fit at practice, Penny said she could do it.


Dr. Trent Stellingwerff - Exercise Physiologist & Nutrition Professional

With a Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell and a Ph.D. from the University of Guelph, Trent has more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific publications, has worked as a leading scientist in Performance Nutrition for Power Bar, and has attended many World Championships and Olympic Games as part of Canada’s rowing, track and field, and triathlon teams. Since 2009, his expertise in body composition and nutrition have been a major contributor to Brianne's success, shaping her into a better athlete. She loves the winter when his program allows her to eat chips and guac, but come April, watch out! He’s on a mission to get Brianne “lean and mean.”


Brian Levine - Sports Marketing 

Having worked with some of Canada’s best athletes and companies, Brian was a natural addition to the team up north. With more than 15 years experience in sports marketing, he has a unique ability to bring together leading athletes and brands to influence, inspire, and build the future of Brianne's wonderful home country. His enthusiasm and energy seem to be unlimited, allowing him to accomplish multiple things at once; a skill that Brianne can appreciate. Brianne has seen him finish a conference call, send an email, eat his lunch, and have two conversations, all at the same time.