Clara Hughes

Olympian, Humanitarian, Adventurer

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Winter sport?  Summer sport?  Clara Hughes is an athlete for all seasons.  She’s one of the biggest stories to emerge in Canadian sports, and she’s not finishedyet.  A six-time Olympic medalist in cycling and speed skating; she’s the only athlete in history to win multiple medals in both Summer and Winter Games.

For Clara, success means more than earning medals.  It means having a voice and using the opportunity to reach out and help others.  When she uses this voice, it’s loud and clear.

Since the beginning of her athletic career, Clara has held a special vision of what sport could be. Her pursuit of excellence has carried her to the top of her field in both cycling and speed skating. Her determination, dignity and integrity are forces which have driven her to go beyond what most people consider reasonable limits.

She has pursued her dreams through the world of sport, yet her ultimate goal has always been to motivate youth and inspire hope in others through her actions.

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