Michael Forsberg

Humanitarian, Runner

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If there’s such a thing as the coolest job in the world, Michael has it. He comes up with creative solutions to raise money for global poverty, turns them into possibilities, and runs incredible races all over the world to support clean water projects in Africa.
Three years ago, Michael started running and fundraising for children and communities in Africa. During that journey, his heart was wrecked by the global poverty he experienced, and felt called to do more. Working at a fancy ad agency at the time, this 28-year-old Illinois native quit his job to work for World Vision - a global humanitarian organization.

It is here that he spends his time leading marketing and communications for Team World Vision, a program that invites people to run, bike, and swim endurance races to raise funds for clean water projects in Africa.

When Michael isn’t in the Chicago office or off running a race to raise money for World Vision, he’s in Africa, visiting developmental work, watching giraffes on safari, and hanging out with his sponsored children, Brian and Ian.

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